Dragon Sculpture coming along


This thing is starting to get real heavy to move around.

Getting at the claws

Been working on the dragon

After publishing the latest comic book at last week I have brought back out the dragon. I have put in quite a few hours this week and see the end in site on this one. Next time I get at this I am going to start in with the claws. My intent is to make them most bad-ass.


~John Berry


wire sculpture

Finished the frame and started to get to work on filling it out.


~ John Berry

Dragon Skeleton


Attached the jawbone to the skeleton. Reinforced front and worked on forward claws. Soon the frame will be complete and the dragon will really begin to take form.


~John Berry

Does it look like a dragon jaw to you?

Good Luck!!

DWF trophies for Jury Award 2012 packed and ready to ship


To all the film makers eligible to win at Dances with Films this year I wish you good luck!

Hanging them out to dry

dances with films 2012 trophies

varnishing the bases of the 2012 Dances With Films trophies

Pouring Concrete

Poured the concrete on the two Dances With Films trophies today.


John Berry

Dances With Films Year 15


Just started work on the trophies for year 15 of Dances with films. These eight stars are ready for plaques.