almost finished


I called the wire work finished, but after careful examination determined I need to do just a little bit more on one of the sculptures torsos. After that the stars and the bases and it is done. Good thing to since I need to be done in a week […]

update 5/12/11

They are coming along nicely. Today is my first day with no school or work in four months, so I intend to make some progress on these.

DWF trophie

the wire work on this one is almost done

DWF Trophies 5/4/2011

You can see I am slowly making progress. 50-60 hour workweeks are really slowing me down on this. Also you can see one of our dogs, Jack, in the background.

getting there

Made some progress on the hands and feet

One DWF skeleton complete


I don’t think I have ever cut it this close with getting these trophies started. Anyways one of the skeletons is finished.

Dances With Films Trophies

I just started the DWF. Got most of the skeletons started.