Dragon Sculpture coming along


This thing is starting to get real heavy to move around.

Getting at the claws

Been working on the dragon

After publishing the latest comic book at last week I have brought back out the dragon. I have put in quite a few hours this week and see the end in site on this one. Next time I get at this I am going to start in with the claws. My intent is […]


wire sculpture

Finished the frame and started to get to work on filling it out.


~ John Berry

Dragon Skeleton


Attached the jawbone to the skeleton. Reinforced front and worked on forward claws. Soon the frame will be complete and the dragon will really begin to take form.


~John Berry

Does it look like a dragon jaw to you?

Took the dragon out for a walk in the backyard

It has been a while since I last worked on this dragon sculpture. It actually felt good to get this project moving again. Worked on the tail and the back legs and claws.


Dragon day 4

Did a little work on the skeleton and added some length to the tail. Actually I added a whole lot of length to the tail. I may have made it too long, however I am going to sit on it for a couple more days before I move forward. After all a dragon […]

Day 3 with the dragon

Put in way more time on this today than I wanted to. However The 9 gauge wire is slow going to work with. When all is said and done I would say the skeleton is 80-90% done.

Dragon Day 2

It is still hard to see what is going on here from the picture, however I am pleased with the form that this is taking. I am going to have to make the skeleton very strong as I expect the wings will add a lot of weight to the piece.