Took the dragon out for a walk in the backyard

It has been a while since I last worked on this dragon sculpture. It actually felt good to get this project moving again. Worked on the tail and the back legs and claws.

Dragon day 4

Did a little work on the skeleton and added some length to the tail. Actually I added a whole lot of length to the tail. I may have made it too long, however I am going to sit on it for a couple more days before I move forward. After all a dragon is not a real thing so really I can just go with what I like. And I believe that in Dungeons and Dragons a dragon can tail bash an opponent that is in front of it. Meaning it would need a really long tail.

Day 3 with the dragon

Put in way more time on this today than I wanted to. However The 9 gauge wire is slow going to work with. When all is said and done I would say the skeleton is 80-90% done.

Dragon Day 2

It is still hard to see what is going on here from the picture, however I am pleased with the form that this is taking. I am going to have to make the skeleton very strong as I expect the wings will add a lot of weight to the piece.


I have been wanting to do a large scale dragon sculpture for some time now. However before I spend six months and thousands of dollars on a large scale dragon sculpture I want to make sure I have a good pose and proportions that I am happy with.  So with that in mind I am planning on doing five or six small dragon sculptures before I get into the large on. This is the start of the first one. There are already some changes to the proportions that I would make. I think the back legs need to be longer and the front shoulders need to be broader.

Concrete bases cast

Stars are finished

I have finished the star awards for this years Dances With Films

Trophies assemble!

My god it’s full of Stars pt. 3

Almost done here. I ran out of wire or I would have finished this last phase. All that is left is to finish one of the stars, add the plaques, cast the bases on the standing trophies, add a color wash, varnish the concrete bases and glue felt to the bottom.

My God It’s Full of Stars pt. 2

As it turns out I only need to complete 9 stars. Which means I have a head start for next year. Also I have 1 week to finish before I go to L.A.